Record #428: Journey – Escape (1981)

Journey gets some hate among punk, metal, and hipster circles (note: these are all of my circles).

Nearly all of that hate is due to one song: “Don’t Stop Believin’,” which is the opening track of this album.

But that’s all misdirected. Hate the cultural obsession and Glee  version all you want. But the track itself is still solid gold. And there’s only more where that came from.

Escape  shows off Journey in top form. The entire disc is filled with arena-ready tracks that are perfect for an 80s training montage or make out sesh up above the lights of town.

“Don’t Stop” is the obvious standout, but it’s far from the only worthwhile song. The melancholy “Who’s Crying Now” and longing closer, “Open Arms,” pack a wallop that would make Andre the Giant stagger.

And among the deeper cuts, there’s not a bad song to be had. And for an album that could have become a best seller on the strength of its lead track alone, that’s noteworthy.

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