Record #422: Kenny Loggins – Keep the Fire (1979)

My journey through soft rock continues the famous Kenny Loggins, who I’m…not too familiar

But judging by the cover, Mr. Loggins had some pretty high ambitions for this record.

Following the dissolution of Loggins & Messina but before megahits like “I’m All Right” and “Danger Zone,” good Kenneth seems a little unsure where to step next. Keep the Fire opens with jazz-funk fusion of “Love Has Come of Age,” which is much harder rocking than I expected this record to get. It fades out, and up comes the honky tonk of “Mr. Night,” which sort of spoils the mood.

The record is pretty inconsistent, but it’s not without its shining moments. “This is It” grooves with a disco beat and Michael McDonald on BGVs (though he’s not utilized as well as Chris Cross’s absolute banger “Ride like the Wind,” which would be released a couple months later). Michael JacksonĀ sings along on “Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong.” “Give it Half a Chance” is one of the most tender ballads to ever hit the airwaves.

Aside from these standouts, the rest of the album is more or less just some inoffensive 70s adult contemporary. Which isn’t always a bad thing.

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