Record #419: It’s Just Craig – Dark Corners (2017)

Nashville based indie-folk outfit It’s Just Craig is currently on a “Free-til-Famous” tour, where they’re giving out copies of this new record.

And with tunes like this, that might not take very long.

This disk travels from Ryan Adams-esque country ballads to dark, Radioheady indie rock with equal conviction.

Craig Helmreich’s bleak songwriting is augmented by a host of strings, lap steels, and dark electric pianos and organs. It’s not a new trick, but it’s not usually pulled off this effortlessly. There’s never a moment of try-hardedness. Instead, Craig and his band of un-merry makers weep and wail in one voice, bringing these unassuming singer-songwriter into a world-shifting sorrow.

Despite only seven proper tunes on this disc (plus an instrumental intro, plus a hidden track or two? Only seven are listed), the disc doesn’t feel incomplete. It hits with the power of a ten-song full length.

One thought on “Record #419: It’s Just Craig – Dark Corners (2017)

  1. Thanks for the great write up. We’re in Indianapolis 11/9 at the White Rabbit in Fountain Sq opening for our friend So Richard Edwards and Jenny O.!! Free records and CDs or downloads for everyone!!! Or just email, message, whatever and I’ll mail em!


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