Record #388: Johnny Cash – Man in Black (1971)

Johnny Cash is an interesting figure. For his infamous trouble with the law and addictions to drugs and alcohol, John had a devout faith that guided him through his turmoil…
Man in Black is not the first religious album Cash made—he released several albums of hymns and spirituals before this. But it is probably his most personal. Six of the ten tracks are original. Including “The Preacher said, ‘Jesus Said,’”  (his most overtly religious song) “The Man in Black” (maybe his most personally spiritual tune), and “Singin’ in Vietnam Talkin’ Blues” (perhaps his most political). 

As such, Man in Black carries a different mood than the rest of his albums. There’s a sincerity here that escapes most of his other discs. It’s a heavier disc, and he plays it with all the gravity it deserves. 

Even if “I Talk to Jesus Every Day” gets a little preachy.

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