Record #333: Alice – Azimut (1982)

I picked this up in a discount bin at secondhand store in Stockholm for 10 kroner (about $1.30) because the cover was “omg so 80s,” and I’ve never listened to it. 

​Till now…

Apparently, she’s Italian though, which might explain her overdramatic delivery. It’s not…completely terrible though. There are some good pop moments, even if they are largely lifted from ABBA and 80s lady rockers like Bonnie Tyler. Messaggio closes the first side with the best marriage of Eurodisco and Pat Benatar-esque pop rock you could imagine, which…still isn’t that great.

TBH, this record sitting next in the queue (and a few like it) is what delayed this blog for so long. I just didn’t want to have to sit down with it and churn out a couple paragraphs about it. But I can’t even bring myself to listen the B side. Nothing there will make this record worth my time. It will forever sit on my shelf as a reminder of my wonderful trip to Sweden. 

Time to blast through the rest of this queue. 

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