Record #471: Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery (1973)

brain salad surgery.jpgOf all the names on this disc, there was only one that caught my interest enough to introduce it to my collection: H.R. Giger.

My previous experience with ELP certainly wasn’t enough to invite me any further into their discography. But the legendary artist behind the Alien films’ production design (and the assertion that Works, Vol. 1 was their worst album by far) was enough to get me there.

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Record #468: Cheap Trick – Heaven Tonight (1978)

heaven tonight.jpgOne summer in college, I worked at the Subway inside of a local gas station. The owner told me a story of when he was growing up in Rockford, IL. He and his brother were in a band together. Eventually, he left the band, and they found a replacement. His brother left, and he was replaced.

His brother’s replacement suggested a name change.

“What about Cheap Trick?”

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